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The Cycling Podcast

Weekly interviews, analysis and discussion

Le Gourmet de France

A gastronomic journey at the Tour de France


Sean Kelly's autobiography

The Cycling Anthology

Brilliant writing about the world's best sport

Peloton Publishing

Independent sports book publishing


Posts about cycling, football and journalism

Four Seasons

Watford FC 1997-2001

Enjoy the Game

Watford FC: The story of the Eighties

The 100 Greatest Watford Wins

A celebration of Watford's best days

Easy Rider

Rob Hayles' autobiography

Tales from the Vicarage

A series of books about Watford Football Club

The People's Grand Tour

Ride, wherever you are

About Lionel Birnie

Lionel Birnie is a freelance journalist, author, publisher and podcaster who specialises in cycling and football.

He is co-host of The Cycling Podcast, co-editor of The Cycling Anthology and editor of the Tales From series of football books. His company, Peloton Publishing, an independent publisher of sports books, was founded in 2010.

He also writes on cycling for The Sunday Times.

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