The Cycling Anthology volume three

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 19.23.33Volume three continues the series of fine cycling writing by some of the best in the business.

The Cycling Anthology Volume III was published in October 2013 and features essays by 13 great writers including Ned Boulting, Owen Slot, Richard Moore and Jeremy Whittle.

The book takes us behind the scenes of Chris Froome’s victory at the Tour de France, looks at a decade of the Tour of Britain, which coincides with an incredible boom in British cycling, and revisits the first women’s Tour de France in 1984.

This was the final edition of the book that was published by Lionel’s company Peloton Publishing before The Cycling Anthology joined forces with Yellow Jersey Press, part of the Random House group.

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The Cycling Anthology Volume 3

The Curious Case of the Garmin Three by Neal Rogers
The story of how Christian Vande Velde, David Zabriskie and Tom Danielson returned to the sport in the wake of their doping confessions.

The Indivisible Man by Ned Boulting
Behind-the-scenes at the Tour de France with Chris Froome.

Two-Bob Rockets by Kenny Pryde
How the clean-up has altered the way the riders race.

On the Buses by Rupert Guinness
Inside the team buses.

Nineteen Eighty-Four by Richard Moore
The story of Marianne Martin, winner of the first women’s Tour de France.

The Ones Who (Almost) Got Away by Anthony Tan
Why have so many top Australian riders succeeded despite not being part of the system?

Different Times by Samuel Abt
How France reacted to Laurent Jalabert’s opaque answers about doping.

Island Mentality by Owen Slot
After 100 years, the Tour de France finally visited Corsica.

Out of Nowhere by Klaus Bellon Gaitán
Is cynicism killing cycling?

What Makes a Great Race? by Edward Pickering
Dissecting the factors that make a bike race a compelling spectacle.

You Are the Pro by Ellis Bacon
Steer your own way through this adventure game.

Glass Half Empty by Jeremy Whittle
How the aftermath of Lance Armstrong’s confession affected Team Sky.

The Tour of Britain at Ten by Lionel Birnie
The story of ten editions of Britain’s national tour told from the perspective of covering the 2013 race.

Picture 23 Simon Scarsbrook’s original artwork for the jacket of volume three.