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Lionel Birnie

Lionel Birnie

Lionel Birnie is a journalist, author and publisher who specialises in cycling.

He is a co-host of The Telegraph Cycling Podcast and has covered the Tour de France for The Sunday Times, Cycle Sport and Cycling Weekly.

Lionel is the founder and co-editor of The Cycling Anthology, a collection of essays about professional cycling published by Yellow Jersey Press.

He owns Peloton Publishing, which publishes Tales from the Vicarage, a series of books about Watford Football Club. His other books about the Hornets are Four Seasons, Enjoy the Game and The 100 Greatest Watford Wins.

His journalism career began as a reporter at the Watford Observer in 1993. He joined Cycling Weekly in 1998 and covered the Tour de France for the first time a year later. The 2014 Tour will be his 12th.

In 2013, Lionel’s company published Hunger, the autobiography of Irish cyclist Sean Kelly.

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